Nemawar Chhatrawas


If you are looking for all of the luxuries of a hotel, but can’t quite swallow the cost and you want to meet people, or if you’re looking for chic accommodation that still has the charm and character of the city instead of the corporatization of a chain-hotel, then a luxury hostel is the perfect alternative for you.

Luxury hostels, such as The Mosaic House in Prague, go all out to offer you a lavish vacation where you can feel spoiled and comfortable – but not guilty! Common characteristics include full air-condition, rooftop terraces, private rooms, stylish decoration, mini fridges, and added security. The rooms are also more spacious than other types of hostels.

Perks: It’s the low-budget accommodation that doesn’t feel low-budget, and affordable for those who don’t feel like “roughin’it.” Chic, cool, and classy.

Important Note: They are a bit more expensive then your average hostel, that’s money that could be spent on doing something extra around the city! But therefore it’s more unique and recommended for when you are travelling with your partner.

In the end, there’s a little bit of something out there for everybody. The choice is up to you! is here as your social hostel booking platform in order to give you the best – and a variety of – options, make your booking easier, and connect you with like-minded travelers. Stay tuned for our post “Types of Hostels – the beauty of Hosteling“.